The Kyrenia ship is the wreck of a 4th century BC Greek merchant ship. The ship sailed in the Mediterranean during the lifetime of Alexander the Great and his successors. She sank in open waters less than a mile from the anchorage of Kyrenia. The evidence points to her being taken by rough seas around the year 300 BC, when she was rather old, though piracy is becoming more likely. The sinking of the Kyrenia could have been caused by many factors, but evidence suggests that piracy and old age could have all contributed to the ship’s fate.

SHIP OF KYRENIA I (15x9x12.5cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA II (17.5x9x14cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA III (19x9.5x15.5cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA IV (20x10x16cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA V (25x12x19cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA VI (29x14x21cm)

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SHIP OF KYRENIA VII (33x14x24cm)

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